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How to Find a Therapist Using Free Resources Online

November 13, 2023


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Are you interested in starting therapy and you aren’t sure how to find a therapist? In this article, we provide you with five options for finding a therapist near you. Therapy services are now more affordable than ever. People who get therapy are reporting up to a seventy-percent improvement in the quality of their lives. With this being the case, there’s no surprise that more people are seeking therapy. Finding a therapist is easier than you think. Let’s get started.

How To Find A Therapist

Direct Referral From Friends and Family – If you learned about therapy from a friend or family member who recommended therapy, you can ask your friend or family member for a direct referral to their therapist or therapy practice. The best thing about talking to friends and family members about choosing a therapist is that you already have built in reviews of the therapist, therapy practice, and you can see the results of therapy firsthand.

Many people who get therapy become therapy advocates and recommend therapy to their friends and family members after getting good results. People who get cognitive behavioral therapy have experienced up to a seventy-percent improvement in the quality of their lives after about sixteen weeks of therapy with a cognitive-behavioral therapist.

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Primary Care Referral – Your primary care provider can offer you a referral or recommendation to a licensed therapist who practices in your state. When you visit your primary care physician for a regular checkup or if you report mental health related concerns to your primary care physician, your pcp has the ability to prescribe medication to help you ease moderate symptoms and can also provide a therapy recommendation.

If you’re having symptoms of chronic mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and similar conditions, the best place to start is with your primary care provider. The reason for this is that many mental health symptoms mirror those of physical ailments. A primary care physician can provide testing, diagnosis, and assessment to rule out any medical issues.

A doctor has access to use diagnostic tools that include written psychological assessments and questionnaires, blood work, imaging, and other diagnostic tools used in ruling out a medical or mental illness.

Community Service Organizations – Many community service organizations offer resources and referrals for families and individuals in crisis. If you or a member of your family is already receiving family case management services or social services support, your local community service organization can also help you get connected with the best therapist in your area.

The goal of social service and community based organizations is to assure that all members of the community are in the best mental and physical health. The good news about community service organizations is that they can connect you and your family with a wide-variety of services that can help you through a crisis and those that can help make your life easier. If you’re not sure how or where to get started looking for a therapist, your local community service organization or public health department is a great place to start.

State Licensing Board Website – Before therapists are eligible to become licensed, they have to complete a vigorous process that includes earning a masters degree from an accredited institution, completing one-thousand to three-thousand hours of hands-on clinical practice, and successfully passing the state licensing board assessment in their chosen field of practice. Once therapy candidates complete this rigorous process, they are licensed by the license granting board in your state.

Therapy license and practice information is considered a public record. This means that you can login to your state licensing board website to learn valuable information about therapists that are licensed to practice in your state. Your state licensing board can provide you with a wealth of information that makes it easier to select the best therapist for your individual, couples, or family therapy needs.

When you login to the state licensing board website, you’ll be able to see a list of active therapists who practice in your area. You’ll also have access to important information like when your therapist became licensed, any complaints that have been lodged against therapists, and other pertinent information like type and location of their therapy practice.

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Online Therapy Sites – Leading online therapy sites like BetterHelp and Regain are also excellent options for gaining immediate access to a licensed pool of therapists that are eligible to practice within your state. With the rise of COVID- 19 and other global issues, it’s becoming common for people to get therapy online.

Not only are more people getting therapy online, many companies and businesses are choosing telework as the new way for employees to report to work. There are also options available to receive regular checkups from your primary care provider, request medication refills, and manage your medical health using virtual video visits and telehealth options.

Getting e-therapy is no different. By joining an affordable online therapy subscription site, you gain immediate access to affordable therapists that are licensed and board-certified within your state. Many people are reporting high satisfaction levels with getting therapy online as they no longer have to worry about the hassles of battling traffic, making it to appointments on time, and withstanding the dreaded “waiting room stares” as others try to figure out your reasons for visiting an in-office therapy practitioner.

If you’re wondering how to find a therapist, there are several easy and free options to help you get started, along with the options mentioned above you can also find a therapist using reputable psychology based sites from the American Psychological Association. Finding a therapist is now easier than ever before. You no longer have to suffer in silence from chronic mental health issues like depression, anxiety, depression, post-partum, post-traumatic stress disorders.